Club News


Membership capacity has been increased from 115 to 150.  Our current member count is 113.


Unfortunately due to an excessive amount of spam, the link to register has been taken down. Anyone wanting to register for this site please contact the website administrator.

Junk Yard Wars

Anyone interested in Junk Yard Wars, please send a message through the contact page to get a head count of everyone wanting to participate in Junk Yard Wars, Or organize a team of four and let us know your team name.


HSF is always seeking volunteers from all club members able to help with club maintenance and events. Anyone that would like to volunteer please contact one of the Club Officers today.


Club members seeking help or flight instruction should contact a Club Officer listed on the contact form to have an instructor get in contact with you.

Anyone that has a desire to fly as a guest up to 3 times in a year at Shiveley Field must be sponsored by a club member and posses a valid AMA card. Any guest seeking sponsorship may contact one of the many instructors listed on the contact form to schedule sponsorship.

Contact a Club Officer NOW!

Steps to joining the Houston Sport Flyers

1. Posses a valid AMA card

2. Download and review the procedures to join our Club.

3. Download HSF_Member_Application, complete, print, and return at the next club meeting. (HSF Club Meetings are on the first Saturday of every month at 10:00am.)

4. Download and review the HSF Constitution (includes Club By-Laws and Guest Waiver)

HSF February 2015 Meeting Minutes

Hello all, I apologize for the brief minutes but I missed a good chunk of the meeting and am relying o Chad for the parts I missed. I planned on recording the meeting (just the vocal part not video) but I didn’t get the chance to.   The meeting started at approximately 10:10 am   …

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HSF December 2014 Meeting Mintues

Good evening all,   The December meeting started at approximately 10:08a.m. with 34 members present.   Treasury: $X,XXX with no upcoming expenses until Founders day in March.   Steve has posted a list of our events and their dates on the website as well as the HSF FaceBook page.   Next years events were talked …

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